b'RECREATIONAL DISTANCING DRIVES RECREATIONAL REAL ESTATE SALESContinued from Page 1Some buyers are choosing to take solo property tours, with If you are thinking of spending more time away from the city, in a place the real estate professional setting up the tour ahead of time, and if where youll never lack for things to do with your family, PotlatchDeltic technology allows, providing commentary remotely via video chatting has properties that could work for you. Contact one of the recreational services as the potential buyer tours the property. real estate experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network today to start the process! By doing the work necessary to quickly narrow down the list ofpossible properties for a buyer, our real estate experts reduce the need Recreational Distancingpeople for repeated in-person meetings. leaving urban areas to nd a place toHaving a good idea of how you want to use the property is key, have a campsite or cabin where they can which in turn helps the real estate professional show you properties that get away from the stresses of city life.will t your needs.POTLATCHDELTIC PREFERRED BROKER NETWORKLet us show you why your PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker is the only name youll need to know when it comes to buying property. Please contact the broker nearest your area of interest or visit us at www.PotlatchDelticLandSales.com. We look forward to helping you with your property search!ALABAMA IDAHO MISSISSIPPISoutheastern Land Group Latah Realty Tom Smith Land and Homes Jonathan Goode Sean Wilson Tom Smithjonathan@selandgroup.com sean@latahrealty.comtom@tomsmithland.comDadeville, AL Moscow, ID Ridgeland, MS256-825-4331 | selandgroup.com 208-883-1525 | latahrealty.com 601-898-2772 | tomsmithland.comARKANSAS Northwest Land & Lifestyle Properties MINNESOTADavis DuBose Knight Forestry & Real Estate Tom Moore Bear Island Land Co., Inc. Mark Knight tom@nwlandlifestyle.com Charlie Chernakmknight@forestryrealestate.com Hayden, IDcharlie@bearislandland.comLittle Rock, AR 208-772-3000 Ely, MN501-219-8600 | forestryrealestate.com nwlandlifestyle.com 218-235-6239 | mnlands.comUnited Country United Country, Musick & Sons Close Converse PropertiesNeeley Forestry Service Inc. Earl Musick Brett AndersonJ.D.Neeley earl@musicklandgroup.com brett@closeconverse.comjdneeley@neeleyforestryservice.com Grangeville, ID Brainerd, MNCamden, AR 208-983-0069 | ucidaholand.com 1-866-403-LAND (5263) | landradar.com870-836-5981 | ucneeleyforestry.comLOUISIANA United CountryUnited Country Banning Junction Real EstateNeeley Forestry Service Inc. Natalie JensenJ.D.Neeley natalieunitedcountry@gmail.comjdneeley@neeleyforestryservice.com Moose Lake, MNCamden, AR 612-390-3945 | ucminnesota.com870-836-5981 | ucneeleyforestry.comwww.PotlatchDelticLandSales.comCORPORATE OFFICE: 601 West First Street Spokane, WA 99201 | (509) 835-15004'