b'BROKER SPOTLIGHT: LATAH REALTY, IDAHOIf buyers are looking for recreational landa recreational property that was owned by the timber company until in Latah County, Idaho, odds are theyre1999. With PotlatchDeltic property, you know it will be clean and well going to work with Latah Realty. Since 2015,cared for, he said. What you see is what you get.about 55 percent of the countys land sales transactions have been handled by theWhat motivates the recreational land brokerage buyers who come to Latah Realty? The number one buying reason is simply Ask broker Sean Wilson why his company has built such a majorwanting to own their own piece of presence in the county, and the answer is simpleits because of theproperty. That motivation is followed quality of Latah Realtys team. closely by a desire to have a legacy property they can pass down to their children. Bret Carpenter, RealtorOur people are longtime locals who know the area and are well-versed on the ins and outs of selling to recreational landAfter they buy a home base, they can have fun outdoors year-round in buyers, said Wilson, who has lived innorth central Idaho, whether its hunting for deer, elk, or turkey; shing the county for more than 25 years. Ourfor cutthroat trout in the St. Joe River and small-mouth bass in the team aims to add value to the transaction.Dworshak Reservoir; or cross-country skiing on scenic mountain trails.Theres no high pressure, and we take the time to listen, so we know what the buyerSean Wilson, Co-Owner/Broker & Misty wants. Curry, Realtor (L to R) Weve found if we do a good job helping people with their questions, the rest of the land sale will take care of itself, Wilson said. A buyer can already see the appeal of a property. Our job is to help them gure The dozen or so professionals at Latah Realty, a member of theout how to make it work, whether its getting nancing, guring out PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network, work with a combinationwhere they can build a cabin, or checking into how to get water and of local buyers and out-of-state folks from states like California andpower to a property.Washington who want a place to enjoy all that rural Idaho has to offer. Thats why its important to work with a realty company that Latah County and its county seat,understands the needs of a recreational real estate buyer and knows Moscow, is close to an extraordinarilythe area. In Latah County, the choice is pretty simplethats Latah wide range of options for outdoorRealty.recreation, from hunting, shing, and skiing to hiking, riding ATVs andFor more information about Latah Realty or its PotlatchDeltic listings:camping.128 East Third Street | Moscow, Idaho 83843Meghan Smith, Realtor & JessicaPhone: 208-883-1525Dahlinger, Broker (L to R) Wilson has long known about theWebsite: latahrealty.com | Email: sean@latahrealty.comquality PotlatchDeltic brings to land management. In fact, he owns IN THE NEWS Stay up to date on our news & stories online at PotlatchDelticLandandHunt.com INTRODUCING FLETCHER VALLEY, A NEW RESIDENTIALPOTLATCHDELTIC AND THE CONSERVATION FUND CLOSE DEVELOPMENT IN WEST LITTLE ROCK BY POTLATCHDELTIC.ON 72,440-ACRE TRANSACTION This long-awaited development launched in November. Lots are nowIn November, the previously announced sale of 72,440 acres of available in the rst neighborhood, Fletcher Ridge, and new homes willforestland in northern and central Minnesota to The Conservation Fund be available in late 2021. For more information: FletcherValley.com. was completed.The Conservation Fund will manage the forestland, now called Minnesotas Heritage Forest, for wildlife, water quality and sustainable timber harvesting, while continuing traditional recreational uses, including hunting and shing. The national nonprot dedicated to protecting environmentally and economically signicant natural spaces will work with county, state, tribal, and local governments to determine the best conservation and sustainable management outcomes for the forestland, with the goal of transferring ownership to public and tribal entities over the next decade.PotlatchDeltic continues to offer thousands of acres of recreational land to buyers in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana and Mississippi. Interested buyers are encouraged to contact one of the experts in our Preferred Broker Network for more information.2'