b'IN THE NEWSPotlatchDeltic Brokers Named as What Hunting Property Feature Would Make Best Brokerages 2019 You More Likely To Buy?ThesebrokerageshavebeennamedamongAmericasBestWe asked.You answered!Brokerages 2019 by the prestigious, The Land Report for the 10th consecutive year! Were proud that our brokers have consistentlyPotlatchDeltic sponsored the July 2019 LANDTHINK Pulse and the been included in the list since its inception. Congratulations to everyresults are in.Are you surprised to find out that 39.5% of respondents member of the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network for makingwould be inspired to purchase a hunting property with a year-round Land Reports annual list of top land brokers!! water feature in the form of a pond, stream, lake or river? Wondering what the next biggest factors were?Click on through and have a United CountryMusick & Sons Auction & Real Estate read.Services, IdahoLandRadar.com by Close Converse, Minnesota Many of our properties have exactly what these hunters are looking Davis DuBose Knight Forestry & Real Estate, Arkansasfor!Whats important to you? Whether youre looking for land in Southeastern Land Group, AlabamaAlabama,Arkansas,Idaho,MinnesotaorMississippi,startwith Tom Smith Land and Homes, MississippiPotlatchDelticrecreationalproperties.Withpropertiesfrom20 United CountrySouthern States Realty (f/k/a Gibson Realty &to 200+ acres, were sure to have a property with all the features Land Company), Mississippi youre looking for whether youre buying for hunting, to make outdoor memories on your own land with family and friends or interested in a AND, through their United Country Real Estate affiliation: timberland investment. The best thing? When you buy land, it can be all of those things!United Country Banning Junction Real Estate, MinnesotaUnited Country Northwest Land & Lifestyle Properties, Idaho So, contact a member of our Preferred Broker Network and start your land search today!BrokersinthePotlatchDelticPreferred BrokerNetworkareexpertsinall aspectsofrecreationalpropertysales.Visit the PotlatchDeltic WithdecadesofexperienceanddeepChannel on LandThink knowledgeoftheirgeographicareas,for more information theyunderstandeverythingfromwhatabout recreational and makesaqualityhuntingpropertytohunting land! understandinghowtoensurethata propertyfitsabuyersexactneeds.Click here.Congratulations to all.Keep up the good work! Click for PDF of articleReviewsYour PotlatchDeltic buying experience is important to us and we dedicate the time and resources to personally address each customers needs and exceed their expectations. We are proud of our commitment to our customers and delivering the highest level of service available.We appreciate the buyers who took the time to share a pat on the back and tell us how our people helped exceed their expectations. Your team did a good job, even with some unexpected things that came upI was very happy with the quick response and friendly demeanor of your during the [process]. Job well done! [broker]. Plus, your local forester responded quickly. Great experience overall!David B. | Idaho Buyer, 1/25/19 Charles K. | Minnesota Buyer, 1/16/19ON OUR LANDIn learning about PotlatchDeltic, youAs a story on the SeekingAlpha website describes, timber REITs are might have seen that the company isamong the leaders in sustainable foresting, with all four timberland REITs a real estate investment trust, or REIT.having 100% of their land third-party certified as sustainable either by So, what is a REIT, and why does thatthe Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or the Forest Stewardship Council matter to you as a recreational land(FSC).buyer?In fact, timber REITs generally plant significantly more trees in a given year A REIT is a company that owns, operates or finances income-producingthan they harvest, the story says.realestate.PotlatchDelticisatimberREIT,owningnearly1.9million acres of timberlands in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, MinnesotaThis commitment to sustainable practices, tied to having a wide range and Mississippi, and a small percentage of select acreage is available forof properties for sale, is a good equation for recreational land buyers sale. In a 2019 ranking of the top timberland owners in North America,looking for a property thats been well taken care of by a company like PotlatchDeltic was ranked No. 5.PotlatchDeltic with deep foresting and real estate experience. 2'