Minnesota Land Sales FAQ

For recreational land buyers in Minnesota who are used to seeking out PotlatchDeltic tracts, the move is part of an overall change in PotlatchDeltic’s presence in the state. So, what does this mean for buyers? Here are some questions and answers:

Why did PotlatchDeltic decide to sell much of its Minnesota property to The Conservation Fund?

The company’s current Minnesota land ownership is heavily weighted to more remote areas, ideal for conservation and working forest protection. This transaction is the culmination of long-standing work The Conservation Fund and PotlatchDeltic have been able to complete together to achieve conservation and economic goals. With this transaction and others underway, this partnership has been the catalyst to conserve more than 200,000 acres in Minnesota for various conservation purposes, including working forests, protection of important habitats and public access. PotlatchDeltic remains dedicated to long-term stewardship and sustainable management of its timber resources.

What does the conservation sale mean for PotlatchDeltic’s recreational land sales and leasing program in Minnesota?

Current PotlatchDeltic recreational leases will expire in April 2021. The company will have a small number of selected properties for sale near the city of Baxter later this year, and those new listings will be posted at www.PotlatchDelticLandSales.com. Regarding recreational leases, The Conservation Fund has indicated that they plan to continue a leasing program on the Minnesota Heritage Forest land.

The Conservation Fund transaction is part of a group of planned property sales by PotlatchDeltic in the state. In fact, nearly all of PotlatchDeltic’s land ownership in Minnesota is now under contract to be sold, with a series of closings scheduled to occur through 2022.

What are The Conservation Fund’s plans for these 72,000 acres?

This significant acquisition, stretching across 14 counties, will be one of the largest land conservation projects in Minnesota history. The purchase and ultimate protection of Minnesota’s Heritage Forest will support northern Minnesota’s long tradition of timber production, wildlife conservation and outdoor recreation by preserving the state’s working timberlands and contributing to both the timber and recreation economies.

How do I get more information about The Conservation Fund, or this transaction?

Visit with them online at www.ConservationFund.org and learn more about their mission.

Will any of the land still be available for hunting or leasing?

The Conservation Fund’s intent is to manage the forestland for wildlife, water quality and timber harvesting, while continuing recreational uses including hunting and fishing. For more information about future uses we suggest you visit The Conservation Fund’s website, www.ConservationFund.org.

What should recreational land buyers in Minnesota do if they are used to having PotlatchDeltic help them?

We recommend that buyers continue to work with the highly experienced recreational land sales experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network, who can help with finding the right property for you, whether it’s a PotlatchDeltic property or not. While PotlatchDeltic properties were sold exclusively through this network, the brokers in the network do not represent PotlatchDeltic exclusively — they manage many listings and they all remain in business and ready to help Minnesota buyers find the rural recreational property they’re looking for.

Will PotlatchDeltic continue to have a presence in Minnesota?

PotlatchDeltic will continue to have a strong presence in, and commitment to, Minnesota. The PotlatchDeltic lumber mill in Bemidji will continue to operate, as it has for nearly 30 years. That operation will eventually form the great majority of the company’s activities in the state.

Does PotlatchDeltic plan to continue its recreational land sales program?

Yes, most definitely. The company continues to offer thousands of acres of recreational land to buyers in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, and Mississippi. We recommend that interested buyers contact one of the experts in our Preferred Broker Network to see how we can help you.

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