Common Questions

Is financing available for recreational or hunting land?

Financing sources for land are available. There are organizations and community banks, many working with the federally-backed Farm Credit Services System, offering competitive rates and affordable down payments. Check with your PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker for a list of lenders that are active in your region.

Does it cost anything to work with a PotlatchDeltic Broker?

No, working with a PotlatchDeltic Broker costs the buyer nothing. The fees related to a PotlatchDeltic Broker’s time selling PotlatchDeltic property is covered by the company. PotlatchDeltic only sells property through its Preferred Broker Network, meaning that these extremely attractive properties in Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, Missippippi, and Idaho are only available through our brokers.

What is the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network?

This is a team of successful recreational brokers that understand the market and the markets where you want to want to buy property. PotlatchDeltic properties are sold exclusively through this team of real estate experts. What does this mean for a buyer? By being part of the PotlatchDeltic network, PotlatchDeltic Brokers exchange information and knowledge with each other, helping them as they assist buyers with such questions as: What lending options are there for recreational property in my area? How do I figure out if I can get utilities to a certain property? Or, what impact might zoning regulations or CCRs have on a property I am looking at?

Understanding the timber part of a purchase is important and requires special skills and experience. Can a PotlatchDeltic broker help me with that?

A veteran recreational broker will either know about timber quality and values from personal experience, or will have relationships with experts who can provide this information quickly. Foresters and local real estate professionals seamlessly blend their working knowledge, making the PotlatchDeltic team second to none on this point in the marketplace.

When should I start working with a broker?

Working with a PotlatchDeltic Broker early in the process will save you time, and will make your search easier. Looking for properties in Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, Missippippi, or Idaho, you could easily get lost looking at all of the recreational properties online. An experienced broker will get you straight to the properties that fit your needs in terms of location, timber value, price and recreational opportunities.

Does every realtor know about recreational real estate?

Many real estate professionals say they are experts in recreational property, but aren’t. This expertise should cover everything from understanding timber to knowing how a property could fit into someone’s outdoor passion, such as hunting or snowmobiling. A PotlatchDeltic Broker will know the ins and outs of recreational property purchases. The brokers on the PotlatchDeltic team all have deep experience in selling recreational property, and this is important.

Does the property have everything that deer, birds, and other wildlife need to thrive?

Wildlife needs food, water and shelter to thrive. Things to consider include: Are there quality food sources on the property, either naturally or through food plots planted or maintained by the owner? Also, it’s critical that water be available on the property or nearby – a water source a mile away will not support quality wildlife on a property.

Has the property been managed and harvested with wildlife in mind?

Has timber management been completed to create and support quality habitat, where animals have corridors to get to food, cover for protection and access to water? The way a property is managed can have a tremendous impact on the habitat for wildlife. A quality hunting property often will have a combination of tall timber, a healthy understory for food, and open spaces.

How do I know if utilities available to the property?

If your dream is to build a home, you may want, or need, access to public power and phone utilities, as well as other important services such as mail delivery or garbage. Or perhaps you prefer to live Off the Grid. Your PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker can provide the number to reach your local service providers and get estimates for service to your home site.

Are there conservation easements or property tax rebate programs available to you?

In many states, programs are available to the landowner for the offset of property taxes when the land remains in timber management. These programs take many forms and may require some level of commitment to a management plan on the part of the landowner. Enrollment in these programs can significantly reduce the annual costs of ownership.