b'PROPERTY PERSPECTIVEWinter 2021|Volume 10 |Issue 22021 RECREATIONAL LAND SALES TRENDS As we wrap up the year and as hunting seasons are top of mind for many2. More recreational land buyers are nancing their purchases.recreational land buyers, the land sales market continues to be strong.For decades, the recreational land market has been dominated by cash buyers, The continuing pandemic has only intensied the desire for many people to wantand cash buyers are certainly a major force in the market, often moving money a place of their own, away from everything but trees and wildlife. We call thefrom the stock market to invest in land. But as properties draw a wider range trend recreational distancing.of buyers, and properties increase in price, we are seeing more buyers use And with hunting, shing, ATVing and other outdoor sports more popular thannancing. ever, recreational land buyers are seeing plenty of reasons to buy, say theIn some regions, the split is 70/30 towards cash buyers, but in other areas we experts in our PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network, who sell property in theare seeing a 50/50 split, a new trend. And many areas have quality lenders South, upper Midwest, and West.who understand recreational property and are making land loans. Local brokers According to Bill DeReu, Vice President of Real Estate for PotlatchDeltic, here arekeep a pulse on available nancing options and can make introductions to get six trends were seeing in the market right now: nancing discussions underway.3. Buyer demographics are trending younger.1.The wave of urban residents wanting a getaway hasnt slowed. Says Earl Musick of United Country Musick & Sons, a PotlatchDeltic Preferred Our brokers in Idaho continue to see tremendous interest from people who live inBroker in Idaho: We mostly worked with retiree buyers in the past. Now its California, Oregon, and Washington. In Arkansas, we see interest from people inpeople in their late 30s to about 55.cities like Little Rock and Memphis. And in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi,The reason: these buyers want to build a legacy for their kids, teaching buyers are coming from urban areas in those states and from Texas and Georgia.them how to love the outdoors, with the idea that their children will carry the Some want to have a place to build a cabin. Others want to have hunting landtradition forward. And parents like the idea of getting their kids away from the of their own. And we are seeing that recreational land buyers are often willing toTV and electronic devices, giving families the chance to truly connect.drive longer distances to their properties than in previous years.Continued on Page 4IN THIS ISSUE So many ways to connect with us! 2021 Recreational Land Sales Trends Broker Spotlight: Northwest Land & Lifestyle Properties In the News Real Estate Showcase Want to share your PotlatchDeltic experience with us? Directory of PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network Take our survey now or email us.Wed love to hear from you!'