b'PROPERTY PERSPECTIVEWinter 2020|Volume 9 |Issue 4Sportsman Estates, St. Maries, IDRECREATIONAL DISTANCING DRIVES RECREATIONAL REAL ESTATE SALESRecreationalrealestatesalesarestronginruralareasaroundtheNorth Central Idaho offers a place with great recreational opportunities, country, as the COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be a positive factorfromhuntingandshingtoskiingandkayaking,saidBenBallard, in driving demand in states like Idaho, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas,PotlatchDelticsIdahorealestatemanager.Peoplewhohavebeen Mississippi, and Minnesota. coming here for years for recreation are telling us they want to spend more time here, so they want a home base for their activities. Sales in The trend was highlighted recently in a story in Commercial InvestmentIdaho remain brisk with just a few properties currently available. While Real Estate Magazine, with Durango, Colorado real estate pro Justinnew listings will come online next Spring, interested buyers should start Osbornsayingthatmanyrecreationallandpurchasersarerst-timetheir land search now.buyers looking to own their own rural property to hunt to ll their freezer.Buyers looking to get a place of their own are nding that working with At PotlatchDeltic, we call this trend recreational distancingpeoplea real estate pro is a safe process, even as the pandemic wears on. leaving urban areas to nd a place to have a campsite or cabin whereBy using technology in the process along with procedures for social they can get away from the stresses of city life. distancing, we are able to safely help people buy property, said Mark Knight of Davis DuBose Knight Forestry & Real Estate in Arkansas, a In Idaho, the number of online visitors checking out our PotlatchDelticmember of the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network.recreational properties has increased by over 75% year over year, driven in large part by West Coast buyers coming from California, Oregon, andHere are three examples of whats working in recreational real estate Washington.sales during the pandemic:Continued on Page 4IN THIS ISSUE So many ways to connect with us! Recreational Distancing Drives Recreational Real Estate Sales In the News Broker Spotlight: Latah Realty, Idaho Real Estate Showcase Want to share your PotlatchDeltic experience with us? Directory of PotlatchDeltic Preferred Brokers Take our survey now or email us.Wed love to hear from you!1'