b'PROPERTY PERSPECTIVESummer 2021|Volume 10 |Issue 1SHOULD YOU BUY IMPROVED OR UNIMPROVED RECREATIONAL PROPERTY?Every recreational land buyer will have to answer a key question: Should3 advantages of buying an improved recreational property.you buy a property that has improvements like an access road and power, or would you rather purchase an unimproved tract that will require Buying an improved property reduces the time you would have to putting in those features later? spend on getting the tract ready to use. Many buyers dont want to have to nd local contractors or work with the local utility companies for these Getting to the best answer for you requires some thought, so its importantimprovements, so an improved property makes sense for them. One of to understand the advantages of improved recreational properties vs.the biggest perks to buying a subdivision style of property is that there unimproved properties, so you can determine which type of property willis a lot of cost sharing between parcels, both on the front end to run best t your needs. the utilities and in the future for sharing in road maintenance and snow plowing.Ourcompany,PotlatchDeltic,sellsbothimprovedandunimproved recreationalproperties,andweveseenmoreandmoreinterestin You can use an improved property right away, whether its for camping improved properties. In north central Idaho, our sales pace has moreor as a home base for your recreational and hunting activities, because than doubled over the past year for 6 to 20-acre properties that havethe property will have good access.improvements like roads, water, internet connectivity and power.If you want to build a cabin or home, youll be further along the process To help recreational land buyers in making this decision, heres a look atof getting the site ready, because some of the basic improvements will the advantages of each type of property: have been completed already.Continued on Page 4IN THIS ISSUE So many ways to connect with us! Should you buy improved or unimproved recreational property? In the News Recreational State Spotlight: Arkansas Real Estate Showcase Want to share your PotlatchDeltic experience with us? Directory of PotlatchDeltic Preferred Brokers Take our survey now or email us.Wed love to hear from you!'