b'PROPERTY PERSPECTIVESummer 2020|Volume 9 |Issue 2KEYS TO HIRING AN EXPERT TO HELP YOU BUY RECREATIONAL PROPERTYIf youre looking to buy recreational property, its important to know2 If youre a sportsman, consider working with an agent who that it isnt the same as hiring a Realtor to help you buy a house. is also a sportsman and shares your interests. ManyoftheexpertsinthePotlatchDelticPreferredBroker Being an expert in recreational property sales requires a completelynetwork love to hunt and sh, so they know how to assess the different skill set from knowing how to help people buy or sell homes,quality of the wildlife on a property, and how to know whether a tract is a said Tom Smith of Tom Smith Land & Homes in Mississippi, a membergood hunting property, looking for attributes like food sources, water on of the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network.the property, and the prevalence of ground cover.So, as you think about who should help you buy a recreational property,3 Working with an agent who has deep local knowledge will think about these ve ways that an expert in recreational land salesbe a major bonus. can help you during your buying experience: Properties can vary widely, even within a few miles of each other, so its important to rely on someone who knows about the exact 1 Makesuretheagenthasexperienceinsellingarea where youre considering a purchase.recreational property. Thereisnosubstituteforhavinghandlednumerous4 Determining sales comparables for recreational properties recreational land transactions because there are specicsis a different process and can be challenging at times, so about the sale that differ from a residential home purchase, such asexperience is critical in deciding what you should pay for access to water sources or the quality of timber on a property. a property. Continued on Page 4IN THIS ISSUE So many ways to connect with us! Keys to Hiring an Expert to Help You Buy Recreational Property In the News Its a Great Time to Get Away From it All in Idaho Real Estate Showcase Want to share your PotlatchDeltic experience with us? Directory of PotlatchDeltic Preferred Brokers Take our survey now or email us.Wed love to hear from you!1'