> Summertime Fun Takes a Little Planning > Broker Spotlight > Into the Forest > Bits & Pieces > Real Estate Showcase > Directory of Potlatch Preferred Brokers SUMMERTIME FUN TAKES A LITTLE PLANNING Summer | 2017 Issue 2 - Volume 6 Continued on page 4 It’s summertime, and whether it’s camping, boating, hiking, birding or just relaxing, there’s an endless array of opportunities for fun near your recreational property. With this fun, it’s important to make planning ahead a priority, because solid planning will pay off with a safe, stress-free trip. After all, who wants to see a great time ruined by seeing your ATV breaking down far from civilization, or enduring a tough night’s sleep in an uncomfortable spot? With this in mind, here are some ideas for making your activities even more fun and hassle- free: It’s wonderful to be sitting around the campfire with your friends and family after a day outdoors. And that relaxation comes more easily if you bring the right supplies on your camping trip and don’t bring things you don’t really need. “There’s an endless array of opportunities for fun near your recreational property.” Here are three ideas from Buzzfeed.com’s “41 great camping hacks that are borderline genius.” • Put foam floor tiles under sleeping bags, making the ground a bit softer. • Use a vegetable peeler to make single- use slices of a bar of soap. • Add bundles of sage to your campfire, which may help keep mosquitoes away. If your property is near a lake or river, having access to a boat gives you all kinds of possibilities for fun, whether it’s fishing, tubing or just cruising. Want to share your Potlatch experience with us? Take our survey now or email us. We’d love to hear from you! Take every opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors this summer with family and friends! 1 So many ways to connect with us! BROKER PRIDE Mississippi Preferred Broker, United Country - Gibson Realty & Land Company, received an award for being United Country’s #1 office at the 2017 Annual Convention in San Antonio, TX. There are 550+ United Country offices in North America and Central America, and they’ve been United Country’s #1 office 8 of the last 9 years. (L-R) Patrick Gibson, Shane Cook, Barrett Van Cleave, Slade Priest, Scott Camp- bell, Scott Lindsey