b'PROPERTY PERSPECTIVESpring 2019|Volume 8 |Issue 1ITMAKESSENSETOBUYRECREATIONALPROPERTYFROMA TIMBER COMPANYAs you consider where to look for a recreational property to call your own,property with quality timber as part of an overall investment it makes sense to think about buying from a landowner that knows how tostrategy. care for rural timberland - like a timber company. Properties with a timber component provide a financial benefit when tied to a long-term, well-thought-out timber management plan. A timber As with any major buying decision, its important to ask the right questions ifcompany like PotlatchDeltic can direct you to experts who help a buyer you are thinking about investing in a rural recreational property. And as youestablish and manage a plan.get more information, consider these five reasons why buying from a timber company like PotlatchDeltic can be a good idea: Buy from a landowner that 1forestersareexpertsatgrowingqualityknows how to care for rural PotlatchDeltics timber that will provide a quality environment for wildlife and recreation. Its important to grow timber in a way that provides a mix of more maturetimberland-likeatimber and younger trees, helps to prevent erosion, and creates shelter for deer, turkey and other wildlife. Each type of tree carries its own unique value, andcompanyits important to understand the types and ages of trees on a property youre considering, along with the soil conditions.Timberland investments have acted as a solid hedge for3propertiesaredifferentfromregiontoregion, 2 futureovertime,andwhiletherearenoguaranteesAsRuralthe timber and terrain are very different in northern inflationand a timber company will have experts available that ofreturns, many buyers like buying a recreationalunderstand the exact area youre interested in.an example, Continued on Page 4IN THIS ISSUE So many ways to connect with us!> It Makes Sense To Buy Recreational Property From A Timber Company> Broker Spotlight> Into The Forest> Real Estate Showcase Want to share your PotlatchDeltic experience with us? > Directory of PotlatchDeltic Preferred Brokers Take our survey now or email us.Wed love to hear from you!1'