> Know Your Goals Before You Pick Out A Hunting Property > Broker Spotlight > Into the Forest > Real Estate Showcase > Directory of Potlatch Preferred Brokers KNOW YOUR GOALS BEFORE YOU PICK OUT A HUNTING PROPERTY Fall | 2017 Issue 3 - Volume 6 Continued on page 4 There’s a wide range of attributes you should look for as you buy a hunting property, everything from good water sources to safe places for wildlife to bed down. But perhaps the most important step in the process is to first determine what your hunting goals are, says Tom Smith of Tom Smith Land & Homes in Ridgeland, Mississippi, which will determine which property attributes are most important. “For example, what type of game will you be hunting?” he asks. “Will it be deer, turkey, water fowl? And if your priority is deer, do you want to have trophy bucks on the property?” No matter what your priorities are, nutrition for wildlife is the key to a good hunting property. “That starts with the soils,” says Smith, a member of the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network. “Will those soils produce quality nutrition for wildlife?” If the property’s timber is predominantly pine, wildlife will need other sources of nutrition. (In many states, hunters plant food plots or look for other ways to provide supplemental food for the wildlife.) And make sure the timber canopy isn’t shading out shorter trees and bushes – that easy-to-access foliage is critical for nutrition and providing cover for wildlife. Want to share your Potlatch experience with us? Take our survey now or email us. We’d love to hear from you! 1 So many ways to connect with us! PREFERRED BROKER NETWORK WELCOMES NEW ADDITION Northwest Land and Lifestyle Properties based in Hayden, ID has joined the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network. The brokerage is led by Tom Moore and Kathy Edlund, who bring to the team a combined 15 years of real estate experience and over 25 years working in the timber industry. With diverse backgrounds in real estate transactions, land use, timberland management, land appraisals, 1031 exchanges and conservation easements, this team of professionals knows rural land better than most real estate professionals. Welcome to the team! Over the summer, Bear Island Land, Co. heated it up with a hot new website. There’s a new look that’s mobile-friendly and sports an easier search function – all making a more user-friendly site. And, it’s now fed MLS data automatically – meaning you can view the whole area’s listing with the most up-to-date information possible. Check it out for yourself at www.mnlands.com BEAR ISLAND LAND, CO. LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE Tom Moore, Agent/Forester