Close ~ Converse Properties is uniquely suited to help recreational property buyers in northern Minnesota, reflected by the fact that broker Rod Osterloh has received the prestigious Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation from the Realtors Land Institute. The brokerage has been helping land buyers for more than 30 years, and to Osterloh, the ALC designation reflects how Close ~ Converse’s land division has kept up with the times and the evolving needs of buyers. “It’s important to keep up with technology and make sure you are using it to make the buying experience efficient,” said Rod, who works with his wife Jody and assistant Tanya Digiovanni in the brokerage’s land division. “But it’s also important to have experience and knowledge. In that regard, being involved in the Realtors Land Institute is important for us, because it helps us share information with many of the nation’s top recreational real estate brokers.” Close ~ Converse specializes in the northern Minnesota area, focusing on areas near towns including Bemidji, Grand Rapids, Park Rapids, Wadena, Brainerd, Baxter, Walker and Aitkin. The brokerage sells tracts anywhere from 10 to 10,000 acres, but many northern Minnesota recreational buyers want to buy very affordable 40 to 80 acre tracts. So many factors go into a recreational land purchase, from considering the value of the timber on a property to determining how the property rates as a hunting and recreational spot. To Rod, nothing is a substitute for experience in finding the answers. “The value in a property may be the quality of deer, or the quality may be in how the land is good for growing trees,” he said. “We have done hundreds of land transactions at Close ~ Converse over the years, and in doing that, we have become experts in knowing how to determine values of recreational property.” Close ~ Converse has been doing business with Potlatch since 2005, and Potlatch’s timber properties are a good fit for many of the brokerage’s buyers. “We are finding that more people want to consider both the value of the land and of the timber on it,” Rod said. “Potlatch properties provide that, along with tremendous recreational opportunities.” For more information about Close~Converse or its Potlatch land listings 521 Charles Street Suite 201 Brainerd, MN 56401 Phone: 1-866-403-LAND (5263) Website: BROKER SPOTLIGHT BOLT-ON ACQUISITION PROGRAM In addition to selling quality recreational property, Potlatch has always been in the market to buy property as well. This ties into our overall goal of continuing to have a strong selection of properties for our timber operations, while also having strategically adjacent properties that fit into our recreational property sales program. “Buying and selling rural real estate requires a special skill set, so it’s important to work with experts,” says Jim Lemieux, Senior Manager, Idaho Real Estate for Potlatch, who is working with Potlatch’s Ben Ballard to run the Idaho buying initiative. So, if you are looking to sell quality rural property in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho or Mississippi, contact us. Let’s start a conversation. INTO THE FOREST by Close~Converse Minnesota 2 Rod Osterloh, Jody Osterloh and Tanya Digiovanni (pictured above from L to R). BITS & PIECES “Up North” Butterfly enjoys a beautiful Summer day near Birch Lake in Ely, MN. Photo credit: Dusty Schaper, Bear Island Land Co., Inc. Close~Converse’s Rod and Jody Osterloh recently kayaked with friends on the River Corrib at Galway, Ireland! You can see the ruins of Menlo Castle in the background as well as the Irish down-pour clouds.