Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4When Charlie Chernak was deciding what he wanted to do for a living back in the late ‘70s, he met a man who worked as a land surveyor and as a Realtor. What great jobs, Charlie thought. Soon, Charlie was working as a surveyor for the U.S. Forest Service, traveling all over northeast Minnesota. And after 15 years of that work, he moved into recreational real estate, starting his brokerage, Bear Island Land Co., in 1995. And now, after helping hundreds of recreational real estate buyers over the years, he still loves coming to work every day, helping people find the perfect Minnesota property for their needs. “I love being outdoors, and I love hunting and fishing, which all ties into my job,” Charlie said. “Every piece of land is unique, and having learned about the roads, the lakes, the people in this part of Minnesota, I can put that knowledge to use every day.” Charlie has lived in the same house on Bear Island Lake in Minnesota for 28 years, and his grown daughters, who live in Duluth and Minneapolis, come home regularly. “As much as they love the city, they tell me they still miss waking up to the loons, to hearing the ice crack in the wintertime,” he said. “They truly love coming back to visit Mom and Dad.” Charlie’s relationship with Potlatch dates back to when he started his brokerage, and he appreciates how well the company manages its properties. Recently, Potlatch started doing improvements to certain Minnesota properties, such as clearing trails and home sites. “The improvements are very popular with many of our buyers, who tend to be busy folks in their 40s,” Charlie said. “One thing I’ve seen in my career is that as time has gone along, we find that buyers want more help in figuring out improvements to their properties, and like it when the seller has done some of those improvements.” Bear Island Land Co. is busier than ever, selling Potlatch properties in Minnesota to buyers who want the same thing Charlie loves so much – a place in the woods to call their own, creating a getaway for family and friends, and a place where they can hunt, ride ATVs, fish or simply relax. For more information about Bear Island Land Co., Inc. or its Potlatch land listings 943 East Sheridan Street | Ely, MN 55731 Phone: 888-621-2268 | Website: Email: BROKER IN THE WOODS So many ways to connect with us! Just another day in the office for the the Bear Island Land team (from L to R): Charlie Chernak, Kate Davies, Anna Yahnke and Phil Hyde. Wish Charlie was having more fun! BEING IN THE WOODS IS A WAY OF LIFE Click to our blog, where you’ll find the link so you can watch their Ice Chest Throwdown for yourself! KEEPING YOUR COOL THIS SUMMER Here’s some help in picking out a cooler that will work for you this summer… Baby, it’s hot outside, so making sure you have the right equipment to keep your food and drinks cool is important. You need a high-quality cooler, and we aren’t talking about the type you get at the dollar store. A high-end cooler can cost hundreds of dollars, so it’s smart to do some research before you buy. The reviewers at Field & Stream can offer some help. They tested temperatures in a number of coolers over 10 days, and then got even tougher and threw them off the back of a pickup truck going 45 miles per hour to test their durability (but it looked like too much fun to be work). As you hit the woods this summer, it’s a great time to find a recreational property to buy and call your own. Start by contacting one of the folks in the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network – real estate pros who can help you keep your cool and find the perfect property for using that perfect cooler. Contact one of our experts today!! 2 ‘TIS THE SEASON Charlie Chernak Bear Island Land Co., Inc.