Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4Buyers Guide to Recreational Real Estate > Happy Buyer. Happy Life > Broker in the Woods > ‘Tis the Season > Real Estate Showcase > Directory of Potlatch Preferred Brokers HAPPY BUYER. HAPPY LIFE. Summer | 2016 Issue 3 - Volume 5 Continued on page 4 When it comes to helping land buyers find the property of their dreams, Potlatch delivers. When recreational land buyers come to Potlatch, they are looking for smart advice and a high level of personal service. And that’s exactly what the local experts in the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network will provide you, working closely with our real estate managers. Whether you know exactly what you want, or aren’t sure where exactly to start, Potlatch’s Preferred Brokers will go the extra mile to make sure you find the perfect property to fit your needs. With deep experience in selling recreational property – and there is simply no substitute for that experience – they can help you figure out everything from a property’s hunting potential to its timber value. And if you want some proof of how well our brokers do their jobs, and how painless they can make the process, ask some of our satisfied customers. Here are testimonials from four folks who have had a great experience working with Potlatch to buy property: • Chris H., a buyer in Minnesota, got to know Potlatch by leasing land from the company for many years. And when he bought a hunting and recreational property with the help of Close-Converse Properties, he was impressed by how smoothly everything went. The key in making a transaction as painless as possible is that Potlatch has longstanding, deep relationships with title and closing companies, making the process seamless. • When Jim M. with a popular local timber holding company came to Potlatch broker Pete Prutzman of Kingwood Forestry Services to buy a tract in Howard County, Arkansas, he wanted to use the property for recreation and timber production. He came to the right place. Prutzman is one of the most knowledgeable real estate experts in Arkansas on the timber aspects of a purchase, and he worked with Jim to buy a tract with a combination of pines and hardwoods. “It’s important for a buyer who is looking for timber value to truly understand how timber value fits into the picture, both short-term and long-term,” Prutzman said. “So we take care to explain everything and do our homework.” “All of the Potlatch folks I have dealt with have been great and very responsive,” he said. “The Close- Converse and title and closing companies have been very easy to work with.”