> How do you measure return on an investment? > Broker Spotlight > Into the Forest > Real Estate Showcase > Directory of Potlatch Preferred Brokers HOW DO YOU MEASURE RETURN ON AN INVESTMENT? Include the memories you’ll make! Spring | 2017 Issue 1 - Volume 6 Continued on page 4 It’s now heading towards summer, and you are thinking about buying that recreational property you’ve always dreamed about. But you’re wondering how to determine what the return on your investment should be, or even if you should look at a recreational land purchase that way. The simple answer is this: Don’t look at a recreational property purchase only in financial terms, because there are so many other ways you will benefit from going ahead and making the move now. “The memories and the wildlife are the richest return” for people who own a smaller tract with timber, says Tom D. Martin, president of the American Forest Foundation. In a recent New York Times story, he talks about how owning a smaller property in the woods can make sense for someone who plans to enjoy the land for reasons beyond its financial return. The recreational land sales experts in Potlatch’s Preferred Broker Network agree. While regular timber harvests on a property may provide funding for such things as land improvements – and it’s certainly important to understand that part of a purchase - the Potlatch brokers find that most of their recreational land buyers are purchasing property in 2017 for other reasons. Want to share your Potlatch experience with us? Take our survey now or email us. We’d love to hear from you! Take every opportunity to get out in the woods with family and friends! 1 So many ways to connect with us! HAPPY BUYERS Having leased land for many years and now purchasing [for the first time], all of the Potlatch employees I’ve dealt with have been great and very responsive. Chris H. | Minnesota Buyer, 5/11/16 Can’t think of anything [that Potlatch could’ve done to improve my buying experience]! Charles P. | Arkansas Buyer, 2/24/16