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Q Given the volatility this year in the stock market does that increase peoples interest in buying land And how does land compare as an investment A Certainly when the stock market is having significant swings that will cause investors to look even more at other alternatives such as land. We have been seeing some of that so far in 2016. A key to any investment is buying in at a fair price. And if you decide to purchase timberland based on history it can be a smart move. According to the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries if you invested 1 in timberland in 1986 on average you would now have 28 compared to 16 if you had invested in the SP 500 over that time. Of course past performance is not a guarantee of future trends. That said the value outlook appears bright going forward due to the continued strength of the market for new homes which plays a major role in driving demand for lumber and in turn timber. Its important that you work with a real estate expert who knows land so you can properly weigh all these sorts of factors into your buying decision. For more information and insights please visit our Online Resource Library and see Bobs full presentation on The Fundamentals of Timberland Investing. Bob King has been in the land brokerage and forest management business for over 25 years. He has achieved the esteemed Accredited Land Consultant designation awarded by the Realtors Land Institute RLI. Bob is currently the national instructor for the Timberland Evaluation course for RLI. In 2004 Bob was named Land Broker of the Year by the South Carolina RLI Chapter and he was President of the South Carolina RLI Chapter in 2003 2004 and 2007. We are pleased to have him as a contributor. 2 INTO THE FOREST opportunities to pursue his hobbies. For him Mississippi has it all.We have amazing deer and duck hunting as well as terrific bass fishing said Tom. Best of all nothing freezes over here so I can fish all year round Its also a great place to raise a family and Tom his wife Ellen and their two daughters Kathleen and Samantha spend many happy hours boating on Lake Caroline. In 2002 he launched Tom Smith Land and Homes and quickly found his niche. No one was really focusing on land he said. Business has grown by leaps and bounds and Tom is delighted to be a Potlatch Preferred Broker.Potlatch land has been superiorly managed over time making it an above-average investment. As anAccredited Land ConsultantTom provides specialized knowledge to his clients. I dont just sell you land he said. I can offer advice on how to design develop and maintain it. He doesnt miss his days in corporate America a bit because hes found his true calling. I have a passion for what I do he said. I dont have to go to work-- I get to go to work For more information about Tom Smith Land Homes or its Potlatch land listings 61 Crescent Blvd. Suite 103 Ridgeland MS 39157 Phone 601-898-2772 Website Email HAPPENINGS POTLATCH EARNS REAL ESTATE MERIT BADGE Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Clearwater County Idaho celebrate the purchase of a property from Potlatch that will be used for hiking and camping.The transaction was part of a Potlatch swappurchase with another more remote Scout-owned tract which helped the group gain the funds for its new property which offers easier year-round access. Continued from page 1 BROKER SPOTLIGHT So many ways to connect with us