At Davis DuBose Knight Forestry and Real Estate in Arkansas, knowing both recreational real estate and forestry creates a win-win for buyers. With real estate experts and registered foresters on staff, the Davis DuBose Knight team helps people find properties for hunting and recreation that also provide long-term value as the trees grow. “Our buyers tend to come from Arkansas, and also from Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma,” said Mark Knight, part owner and Director of Real Estate for Davis DuBose Knight. “We specialize in rural properties, and are well-suited to help someone navigate the ins and outs of a land purchase.” Knight, who has a B.S. in Agricultural Business/Agronomy and an MBA from the University of Arkansas, handles sales of Potlatch properties for Davis DuBose Knight, and says Potlatch properties are an excellent value for recreational land buyers. “Potlatch has quality properties for sale, and a major plus is how the professional land managers at Potlatch have cared for the property, and they are always so helpful in providing property data for potential buyers,” Knight said. “Also, the company does much of the paperwork, reducing the hassles for a buyer.” Deer and turkey hunting is a big attraction for many of Davis DuBose Knight’s Potlatch buyers, while buyers are also often looking to add to an existing land holding or to have the opportunity for other recreational pursuits like RV-ing or hiking. Knight, who has been working with business partners Pat DuBose and Bryan Davis since joining the company in 2004, says technology continues to help the buying process in a significant way. “We can direct someone to a property even if we aren’t able to meet them right away, instead of waiting a week, or sometimes more, to schedule a showing,” he said. “And with all the tools available online, buyers can get a tremendous amount of information about a property before they ever set foot on it.” As a Potlatch Preferred Broker, Davis DuBose Knight manages about two dozen Potlatch property listings annually. Knight loves visiting new places around the state and sharing these undiscovered parcels with buyers who love the land the way he does. With buyers ranging from retirees looking to build a vacation home to couples that have purchased land for camping and fishing with their younger children, Knight shares his clients’ passion for recreation. In fact, he and his wife, Tiffany, are passing along this love for the land to their sons. “Our kids are at an age where soccer and baseball are a big part of life, but they are also developing an appreciation for the outdoors,” Knight said. “That is such a wonderful thing to pass down through the generations, I think.” For more information about Davis DuBose Knight or its Potlatch land listings 1100 Asbury Road | Little Rock, AR 72211 | Phone: 888-695-8733 Website: | Email: BROKER SPOTLIGHT LAND REPORT VOICES By Publisher Eddie Lee Rider Reprinted with permission of The Land Report I recently had a chance to sit down with Potlatch’s Bill DeReu, Vice President of Real Estate and Lake State Resources. ELR: Bill, I understand Potlatch was formed in Idaho in 1903, and established a beachhead in the South by acquiring land in Arkansas in the 1950s. How and where has the company grown since then? BD: Potlatch’s land holdings have grown steadily over the years, as we gained a significant presence in Minnesota in the 1960s and then acquired land in Alabama and Mississippi in 2014. The company is now one of the largest private landowners in the U.S., known for quality timber and land management. ELR: Where does the name Potlatch come from? BD: The company chose the name Potlatch because of the Native American influence on the land in the Pacific Northwest, and it means “a gathering where gifts are exchanged.” ELR: How many acres does the company currently own, and how much land does the company sell in an average year? BD: We currently own about 1.4 million acres, with 1.2 million acres in core timberland, and we have identified 200,000 acres of real estate that has values much greater than timberland. We sell about 20,000 acres of that real estate annually for conservation, recreation and cabin sites. Davis DuBose Knight Forestry and Real Estate Arkansas 2 ELR: What do those retail land transactions look like in terms of land and size? BD: Potlatch offers something for everyone in our recreational real estate program, from 5 acres to thousands of acres. Buyers have a variety of reasons for buying, whether it’s building a legacy for their family, having a home base for hunting, or being close to nearby recreational opportunities. And there’s a bonus – quality timber that grows over time and that can be sold by the new owner. ELR: I understand you have a very unique listing in Minnesota. Tell the Land Report readers about that. BD: We have 2,000 acres for sale north of Ely, Minnesota, not far from the U.S./ Canada border. It’s adjacent to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, which has been named by National Geographic and others as one of America’s top outdoor destinations. We’re developing a master plan vision for the property now, and there’s also strong potential for conservation. It’ll be a great find for the lucky buyer. Mark Knight with his son on opening day of Duck Season 2016 INTO THE FOREST