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PAGE 2 BROKER NEWS Bob King has been in the land brokerage and forest management business for over 25 years. He has achieved the esteemed Accredited Land Consultant designation awarded by the Realtors Land Institute RLI. Bob is currently the national instructor for the Timberland Evaluation course for RLI. In 2004 Bob was named Land Broker of the Year by the South Carolina RLI Chapter and he was President of the South Carolina RLI Chapter in 2003 2004 and 2007. We are pleased to have him as a contributor These eight brokerages have been named among Americas Best Brokerages 2014 by the prestigious Land Report magazine in the fifth annual report. Were proud that our brokers have consistently been included in the list since its inception. AMERICAS BEST BROKERS Congratulations to all CloseConverse Properties Brainerd Minnesota Bear Island Land Co. Inc. Ely Minnesota Davis Dubose Knight Forestry Real Estate Little Rock Arkansas Tom Smith Land Homes Ridgeland MS United Country Gibson Realty Land Company McComb MS AND through their United Country affiliation United Country Banning Junction Real Estate Moose Lake Minnesota United Country Neeley Forestry Service Inc. Camden Arkansas United Country Musick Sons Grangeville Idaho Congratulations to members of the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network for making Land Reports annual list of top land brokers for the 5th consecutive year Q Why Invest in Timberland A There are lots of reasons to invest in timberland but Id sum it up with these three reasons 1 It enjoys strong returns with low volatility. 2 Its a great hedge against inflation. 3 Having it in your portfolio provides diversification. Timberland is both a factory and a warehouse. When storing timber on the stump waiting for prices to increase the timber continues to grow in size. Not so with stocks or gold. You do not grow more shares of stock or grow more ounces of gold while waiting for price increases. In addition to these three reasons timberland is a tangible asset that you can enjoy and use for a homesite camping hunting recreation and more For more information and insights please visit our new Online Resource Library and see Bobs full presentation on The Fundamentals of Timberland Investing. INTO THE FOREST TIME TO BUY NOW Continued from page 1 POTLATCH RANKED 5 TOP TIMBERLAND OWNER IN THE US said. They worry about the value of their holdings going to zero. And while values of land dropped during the recession before they recovered the values certainly never dropped that low which is reassuring for buyers. In addition to seeking recreational opportunities many buyers also are attracted by the potential for income tied to the timber on the property. Having income potential is a major bonus for many of our buyers and we can help someone understand the timber markets and the possibility for that income said Mark Knight of Davis Dubose Knight Forestry Real Estate a Potlatch Preferred Broker in Arkansas. There are also several other factors making this an excellent time to buy. Interest rates remain low and more lending institutions are making loans on land part of an overall trend of increased real estate lending around the country. A key in making a buying decision both Osterloh and Knight say is to give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect property for you. The more must haves you can tell us at the start the better we can narrow down choices for you Knight said. But even with that we find that buyers usually need to look at a number of properties before they find the property that fits their needs. And with fall around the corner the time to start that process is now. Moving up from 9 last year Potlatch was ranked 5 in the 2015 ranking by Forisks North American Timberland Ownership List. A small percentage of our overall ownership is available for sale and we are proud to be able to share our heritage of conservation and our commitment to renewable resources. Looking to become a private timberland owner yourself Wed love to welcome you to the club